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Astro Envelope Feeder

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Thompson T-100 Envelope Feeder

With this unit, envelope printing becomes a very profitable operation. Increasing your profits is important, choose the envelope feeder that does it all....

the most versatile feeder in the Graphics Arts Industry -- Continuous load Continuous Delivery -- does not require any special installation. It does not have to be timed or synchronized to the press. 

Feeder can be moved from press to press and operating within minutes on a  Hamada, AB Dick, Davidson, ATF Chief, Toko, Multilith, Ryobi, Heidelberg Windmill and many more.

Will feed index cards, IBM cards etc. All Stainless steel and aluminum construction.

Fits any offset press
Feeds a large variety of envelope sizes
Feeds unusual and hard-to-feed stock
Cuts production time in half
Quick set up on or off the press
Installs in minutes and simple to operate
No synchronization to press
Feeds up to 10,000 IPH
Loads while press is running
Compact size
Low maintenance
Built to last
Five year warranty
T-100 Envelope Feeder


MODEL: T-100
WIDTH: Between side covers: 15" Feder Table: 11"
HEIGHT: Maximum: Feed Table 38" Minimum: Feed Table 26"
BASE: Mobile (Mounted on rollers)
WEIGHT: 90 lbs.
SPEED: Variable up to 10,000 envelopes per hour
STOCK SIZE: Variable from 3" x 5" up to 9" x 12"
CAPACITY: Loads 500 envelopes at a time
FITS: All small offset presses
POWER: 115V, 60HZ, 220V (optional)
ACCESSORIES: Optional conveyor at delivery end

The Thompson Envelope Stream Feeder was designed as an automated helper for the printer. Once the feeder is set up, it requires very little of the printers time except for keeping it loaded. This gives the printer more time for quality printing and stock control. The press can run continuously at any speed the printer chooses.

For years printers have struggled to print envelopes and other hard to feed materials. Now the problem is solved with the Thompson T-100 envelope Stream Feeder. With the feeder there is no need to stop to reload, no more shimming, and no more loading small amounts. Your press can run all day and print three to six times as many envelopes. This means increased profits for every hour you run. Set up time is fast and easy. The feeder loads from the top and feeds from the bottom to keep a continuous stream of envelopes to the press and is reloaded with the press running. This eliminates wasted time from stop, load, and go envelope printing. It also helps prevent doubles from sticky envelopes.

The T-100 is a free standing unit mounted on casters. The base height is adjustable to aid in leveling it to the press. It can be set up on or off the press in less than three minutes. It is set on the elevator table of the press and positioned between the press stock guides. A rubber tarp strap holds it tight against the press. When the job is finished, disconnect the tarp strap and roll it away.

The T-100 will stack eight to twelve envelopes under the press sucker feet. The stack of envelopes is controlled by a microswitch which keeps the stack a constant height at all times. As the press picks up the envelopes the microswitch puts more envelopes under the bottom of the stack. The feeder motor only runs when the press needs more envelopes. No timing device is needed. The T-100 can feed in excess of 10,000 envelopes per hour and the speed of printing is controlled by the printer.

The T-100 is fully adjustable to feed from 3"x5" to 10"x13". Adjustment is fast and easy. Up to 500 envelopes can be loaded at a time and more can be added at any time with the press running. There is no need to stop the press until the job is finished. Big savings can also be made on short runs of hard to feed envelopes or other hard to feed materials.

The feeder is shipped with the side covers, front and rear stock guides removed. It can be fully assembled with only a Phillips head screwdriver.


Graphics International Envelope Feeder Prices

Feeder With Conveyor

Combo Package $$$  $AVE  $$$ 


Feeder only


Conveyor only


Estimated Freight $200.00 Lower USA 48 

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5 O-Ring Set

TM-153 MVC-010S.JPG (17671 bytes)

Main Wide Belt


Above Belts are for Sandco,  Thomson and Phoenix Envelope Feeders

The ASTRO 2000
Envelope/Card Feeder

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AMC 2000 Envelope Feeder

Take one home today
Shipping to any of the lower 48 states $190.00

AMC-2000 PartsREVL.pdf

ASTRO 2000
Envelope/Card Feeder Prices

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Envelope Feeders

Press models


A.B. Dick 350/360 & 8800/9800


Hamada 601/602


Ryobi 2700/2800/3200 Itek 960/975/985


Multilith 1218, Toko 4700/4700 CD


Multilith 1250/1300/1650


Ryobi 3302, Itek 3985 (2 color)


Hamada 500/600/660/665


Hamada 611/612/661/662


Special application - manual fee


Heidelberg Quick-Master


Hamada H-234 envelope feeder


Hamada RS34/VS34 envelope feeder


Heidelberg Printmaster


A. B. Dick 9820



*When ordering feeders for duplicators w/ T-Head, please order T-Base




3 Feet delivery with stand


3 Feet delivery with stand specific


for Heidelberg/Hamada presses

Designed to fit on AB Dick, Hamada, Ryobi/Itek, Imperial/Toko, Heidelberg, Gestetner, Hashimoto, and many more duplicators.

Matches the speed of any duplicator electronically for perfect synchronization.

Installs in minutes; unhooks easily; rolls away when not in use.

Gives more output — less waste.

Astro 100

Astro 100


36"       91.5 cm


12"       30.5 cm


Adjustable stand

115 Volts/60 HZ

220 Volts/50-60 HZ

Shipping Weight:  

50 lbs.

Our policy of product improvement may result in minor specification changes without notice.

Progress Through Technology

$54.95 Each

Suction Cup Fitting
for Astro Envelope Feeders


Astro Rubber Roller Assembly


Suspension envelope feeder belt


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